Your questions answered

February 13, 2018

Your questions answered

We asked Michael Blaiss, MD, FACAAI, executive medical director, to comment on how he first got involved with the College and how his involvement has benefitted his career in allergy.

Q: When did you first get involved with the College?

My first experience with the College was when I presented an abstract as a fellow. It was Frazer Triplett, MD, FACAAI, when he was president of the College, who pushed me to get engaged. He pointed out that, through the College, I can give back to the specialty and ensure its future. I’m indebted to Dr. Triplett for motivating me to get involved. One of the best moves in my life.

Remember, it is your College.

–Michael Blaiss, MD, FACAAI

Q: How has your early involvement with the College influenced your career?

I learned very quickly being involved in College committees and projects was very rewarding on a personal basis. Not only was I helping the College and my fellow allergists, but I believe it made me a better allergist. My early involvement in the College motivated me to move on to the Board of Regents and finally, President. Working for the College definitely shaped my career for the better.

Q: What advice would you give to a member who is new to committee work?

Remember, it is your College. Use your time on a committee to make a difference. Speak up and propose new programs that you believe will move the specialty forward. Our committee structure is set up to empower committee members to work on initiatives. The Board of Regents and the College leadership welcomes your input.