We Advocate For…

The Advocacy Council monitors the ever-changing health care landscape in the U.S. We keep you informed of how those changes may affect your practice and patients. We advise you of action(s) to take to preserve the specialty and your livelihood. We’re here to help make sense of the myriad of carrier policy changes. We’re here to Advocate for Allergists and Their Patients.

Billing, Coding & Payments

Medicare reimbursement, prior authorization, Good Faith Estimate requirements, coding, limitations, policy changes; we help your practice understand what’s needed to keep your cash flowing.

Mixing Allergen Extracts

Our advocacy resulted in changes to USP 797 which we believe represent reasonable and achievable standards. Learn more about how we achieved this and what you need to know about the final rule.

Defend Affordable Shots (DASH)

DASH is the Advocacy Council’s initiative to fight for our patients and the future of our specialty. The list of issues we’re monitoring continues to grow, and we are committed to the defense of our specialty. Your contribution to DASH helps us stay in the fight.