The Allergists’ Foundation Community Grant Program

The Allergists’ Foundation has reimagined its programming to empower community practicing allergists on the front lines of patient care. We are funding innovative projects that address barriers to asthma and allergy care, particularly in underserved populations.

“Today more than ever, practicing allergists play a critical role in ensuring the health and well-being of our communities. Our Community Grant Program is designed to inspire creative, innovative approaches to addressing the many challenges faced by community practicing allergists. We’re looking for projects that have a clinical application and the potential to improve the care for allergy and asthma in every community.”

–Stanley Fineman, MD, MBA, FACAAI, president of The Allergists’ Foundation

The Foundation awarded nearly $100,000 in grants in 2021 in the following two categories:
  1. Planning/exploratory projects (up to $10,000, for 12 months) for project ideas that have not been fully explored and require additional data gathering.
  2. Implementation grants (up to $25,000, for 12–24 months) for projects in which preliminary data has been gathered and initial planning has taken place. These grants help take the work to the “next level.”
See how the 2021 Community Grant recipients are addressing important needs in their communities.

How to Apply

The Foundation will be taking applications for the 2022 Community Grants in January (Letters of Inquiry will be due on Jan. 15). Come back in the fall to download the Funding Opportunity Notice.

Questions? Email us to learn more about the 2022 application process.

*All active ACAAI physician members in the United States and Canada, including Fellows-in-Training in accredited programs, are eligible to apply. Special consideration will be given to physicians in early stages of their careers (in training or within 10 years of practice).

For questions about the Foundation or the Community Grant Program, contact us at