AllergyWatch Editors


Stanley M. Fineman, MD
Marietta, GA

Dr. Fineman: “College members have benefitted from this bimonthly review of relevant scientific articles. The biannual issues reviewing the ABAI MOC articles have been extremely beneficial in helping prepare for the MOC exams.”

Associate Editor

Shyam R. Joshi, MD
Portland, OR

Dr. Joshi: “I have had the opportunity to review incredible research. I have enjoyed working with the other editors of AllergyWatch and have learned an incredible amount through this experience.”

Assistant Editors

Vivian Hernandez-Trujillo, MD
Miami, FL

Dr. Hernandez-Trujillo: “I enjoy working on AllergyWatch because it is an opportunity to share tips on topics which affect the practicing allergist/immunologist in this age of ever-changing health care. I also appreciate the opportunity to share reviews on topics that are increasingly important, such as the effects of mental health on atopic disease and health care disparities.”

Samantha M. Knox, MD
La Crosse, WI

Dr. Knox: “Being an editor for AllergyWatch keeps me engaged, not only with the dominant allergy journals, but also with a variety of other medical journals. I am excited to see what research has been published with each cycle and how this could be important for all of our practices.”

Gerald B. Lee, MD
Atlanta, GA

Dr. Lee: “I absolutely enjoy discussing AllergyWatch with my co-editors on the AllergyTalk podcast. The podcast is a wonderful opportunity to integrate AllergyWatch articles and our own clinical experiences to explore how we can integrate the latest advances into practice.”

Sarah Spriet, DO
Fort Belvoir, VA

Dr. Spriet: “It has been a privilege to join the AllergyWatch editorial board. The concise summaries of current literature have been very valuable to me as a practicing allergist-immunologist. I am grateful for the opportunity to bring this resource to others in our specialty.

Timothy Chow, MD
Dallas, TX

Dr. Chow: “One of the things that I enjoy most about working on AllergyWatch is the opportunity to consider specifically how studies may (or may not) impact allergists in their day-to-day practice. It’s a fun exercise to think about how the often incremental steps taken in published research fit together to reinforce or change our practice.”

Iris Otani, MD
San Francisco, CA

Dr. Otani: “I have always appreciated the AllergyWatch publication as a way to help stay updated with the literature and was excited to join the editorial board.”


Stanley M. Fineman, MD, Editor-in-Chief

  • Research: Alladapt, DBV, Novartis

Anthony Montanaro, MD, Associate Editor

  • Researcher: AstraZeneca, Allergy Therapeutics, Aldeyra, Regeneron

Vivian Hernandez-Trujillo, MD, Assistant Editor

  • Advisory Board: Aimmune, ARS, Bryn, Bayer, Enzyvant, Pfizer, Sanofi & Regeneron, Takeda
  • Consultant/Speaker: Kaleo
  • Consultant: Allergy & Asthma Network, Amgen, National Peanut Board, Pharming
  • Speaker: CSL, Takeda
  • Grant recipient: Immune Deficiency Foundation

Shyam R. Joshi, MD, Assistant Editor

  • Advisor: Genentech, Leo Pharma, Nectar Allergy, Sanofi & Regeneron, Novartis, Takeda
  • Consultant, Executive Role: Nectar Allergy

Samantha M. Knox, MD, Assistant Editor

  • Advisor: ALK
  • Speaker Board Member: Genentech

Gerald B. Lee, MD, Assistant Editor

  • No relevant disclosures

Sarah Spriet, DO, Assistant Editor

  • No relevant disclosures

Timothy Chow, MD, Assistant Editor

  • No relevant disclosures

Iris Otani, MD, Assistant Editor

  • Consultant, Change Healthcare


Jennifer Holmes, ELS

Jennifer is a medical writer and editor with more than 20 years of experience. She has her ELS (Editor in the Life Sciences) certification from the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences and is a member of the American Medical Writers Association. In all her projects, she aims to communicate science well. She enjoys working with the editors of AllergyWatch to develop clear and accurate summaries of the latest research for all ACAAI members.

Thank You

Anthony Montanaro, MD, FACAAI
Associate Editor, Retired

Dr. Montanaro retired at the end of 2023 as Associate Editor of AllergyWatch.

Dr. Montanaro: “I had the privilege of working on AllergyWatch since the start of the publication. It has been a pleasure to share in the success of this valuable resource with our readership.”

Timothy O’Brien, original writer, who worked on AllergyWatch from 1999 through 2023.

Timothy O’Brien: “Although I have covered new findings from essentially every medial specialty, by far I have devoted the most time and energy to Allergy/Immunology. I have been the AllergyWatch writer since the first issue, and it has been fascinating to observe and write about the latest trends and ideas as they unfold: the “Hygiene Hypothesis” and “Atopic March,” the rising rates of childhood asthma and food allergies, the LEAP study, and the rise of biologic therapies (to name a few). I’m pleased and proud to have had the chance to focus on this fascinating material. Also to have worked with so many great Editors and Associate Editors over the years, as well as with our crack publishing and production team!”