Saturday is simply presidential

May 21, 2018

We’ve spent countless hours redesigning the Annual Scientific Meeting to give you an all-new experience this year. With 90-minute sessions, new formats and easier-to-attend events, it’s going to be a meeting you won’t want to miss. Another new feature this year? The Saturday Presidential Plenary.

Network Studies: Pulling it All Together for Adults and Kids, is going to be a review of adult and pediatric network studies from the past three decades. I’ll be moderating the session, while William Busse, MD, FACAAI, Stanley Szefler, MD, FACAAI, Leonard Bacharier, MD, FACAAI, and Stephen Peters, MD, PhD, present. During this session, the John. P. McGovern lecture will be presented by Dr. Szefler. It’s going to be a session you won’t want to miss, as these top leaders in the field come together to discuss a crucial topic. I specially picked these experts myself, because they know the ins and outs of these studies.

What have we learned from the adult and pediatric studies? More importantly, how can you put these historical discoveries to use in your practice every day? Attend to find out! You’ll leave with a renewed appreciation and in-depth info on these clinical trials, how to apply them in your practice, and how to encourage patients to collaborate with their caregivers when making decisions.

Additionally, we will be awarding the coveted Gold Headed Cane award – a true honor just to be nominated. Fellows of the College vote in July to select the winner.

Registration opens in early August – check the Annual Meeting website for more details.

Bradley E. Chipps, MD, FACAAI
ACAAI President