It’s food allergy awareness week

| May 9, 2022

It’s food allergy awareness week

It’s Food Allergy Awareness Week! More than 32 million Americans have a serious and potentially life-threatening food allergy, and many College members see patients with this condition. The College has food allergy resources for our members. From toolkits to webinars, enhance your food allergy knowledge.

Tools and Information
Peanut OIT Toolkit – prepare your practice for peanut OIT, have a shared decision-making discussion with patients, and bill for it correctly.

Parents can use the peanut OIT shared decision-making tool to talk with their child’s allergist to decide if peanut OIT treatment might be a good option for their child.

OIT Coding Recommendations – this article provides guidance on coding for FDA approved Oral Immunotherapy for Peanut Desensitization.

Practice Parameter on Food Allergy – access the latest Peanut Allergy Diagnostics GRADE Guideline and the 2020 Management of EoE GRADE Guideline.

Try our MicroCME. There are modules dedicated to food allergy that you can complete in about 30 minutes, including exploring the microbiome, ongoing avoidance and shared decision-making with patients.

ACAAI AllergyTalk podcast episodes – Get CME!

Food avoidance after challenge

Sialylation of IgE and Food Allergy


Moving Toward Equity: Disparities in Food Allergy – our experts address equitable allergy and asthma care for all patients and practitioners, in all communities – particularly communities of color. For more on food allergies and health disparities, visit the College’s Racial Disparities and Health Equity Resource Center. You’ll find webinars, articles from Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology and more.

Peanut OIT: Getting Your Practice Ready – learn how to maximize your practice setup to offer peanut OIT.

Looking for more? Plan to attend the College’s International Food Allergy Symposium on Thursday, Nov. 10 during the ACAAI 2022 Annual Meeting in Louisville, KY. This full-day symposium will explore a full range of food allergy topics – epidemiology, diagnostics, prevention, treatment and more! Registration for the meeting opens this summer.