Engaging Committees

August 31, 2021

Engaging Committees

You may have seen Dr. Fonacier’s recent College Insider article, Vision Forward: Working on the future, where she outlines some of the College’s strategic priorities. (Be sure to give it a read if you haven’t done so already!)

Vision Forward, our three-year strategic plan, is designed to advance our mission, elevate our profile and offerings, engage members and educate the public about the specialty of allergy and immunology.

We have many exciting initiatives planned which Dr. Fonacier describes in her recent update, but you may be wondering what that means for College committees. Aside from serving as content-area experts for various projects, there are several strategies and tactics under Vision Forward that will help to foster meaningful engagement and maximize the vast talent and expertise on our committees. The following are a few highlights of what we have planned for 2022.

Strategy: Assess the level of engagement on committees and councils and make governance adjustments where needed.

  • Tactic: The College will conduct an audit to assess committee engagement, with the possibility of sunsetting, restructuring or creating new committees as needed.

Strategy: Guide committees and council members on means to contribute and stay engaged in their work with the College.

  • Tactic: The College will take steps to orient committees and provide guidance on how they can make valuable contributions and initiate new projects.

Strategy: Develop an internal recruitment process to increase diversity on committees, councils and in leadership roles.

  • Tactic: The College will develop a joint communications and engagement effort among the Appointments Committee, Board of Regents and Diversity Task Force to increase diversity on committees, councils and in leadership positions.

Vision Forward is the College’s guide for the future. Committees are a big part of making what we’ve set out to achieve a reality. We are very fortunate to be able to tap into this incredible network of enthusiastic members and excited to move forward with new and continuing projects. Be sure to look for future updates on Vision Forward.

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