75 years of cha-cha-cha-changes

| February 13, 2017

75 years of cha-cha-cha-changes

Our print newsletter has changed a lot over the years – from simple typeset pages to a rich, colorful experience. For our 75th anniversary, we collected a sample of ACAAI newsletters through the years – and they’re ready for you to explore. Check out the highlights of each issue below the cover photo.

March 1983 ACA President’s Newsletter

Pages 4-5 – 39th Annual Scientific Meeting photos. Look for Joseph Bellanti, MD, FACAAI, on page 5, conducting a lunch seminar.

Page 6 – Check out the new CME program offered through Annals. Pretty nice that you can earn CME credits at home more easily now, especially with the College Learning Connection!

Page 8 – The College goes computer! A blast from the past when we announce proudly that we purchased a single computer for the office. The price of all the new electronics is shocking, to say the least.


Winter 1994 ACAI News

Page 1 – Newt Gingrich was a featured speaker at our meeting. His topic – health care reform.

Page 3 – ACAAI was the first to ever record a medical meeting to the then state-of-the-art technology, a CD.

Page 5 – Eli Meltzer, MD, FACAAI, honored as a Distinguished Fellow, David Khan, MD, FACAAI received a Clemens Von Pirquet Award, and Amal Assa’ad, MD, FACAAI, receives a $10,000 research grant.

Pages 6-7 – Annual Scientific Meeting photos. Look for Bryan Martin, DO, FACAAI as the current FIT representative.

Page 8 – Kathleen May, MD, FACAAI, elected as first-year FIT representative.

Page 10 – Current EMD Michael Blaiss, MD, FACAAI, wrote a JCAI Outcomes Analysis article as the JCAI co-chair of the committee.


January/February 1996 ACAAI News

Page 1 – Former first lady Barbara Bush was a surprise guest at the Annual Meeting.

Page 2 – Check out the managed care message from then-President Ira Finegold, MD, FACAAI

Page 3 – Hillary Clinton writes to ACAAI congratulating Past President Diane Schuller, MD, FACAAI, on being the first woman president of the organization in 52 years.

Pages 4-5 – Annual Scientific Meeting photos. Bob Lanier, MD, FACAAI, was honored as a Distinguished Fellow. And, check out the “Learning Resource Center” on page 5 – certainly different compared to our College Learning Connection!

Page 8 – The information superhighway gained a new rider – the College executive office – with its first AOL email address.


December/January 2002 ACAAI News

Page 1 – Check out the look of our email newsletter!

Page 1 ­– Harold S. Nelson, MD, FACAAI, receives first Gold Headed Cane Award.

Page 5 – Jim Slawny honored with ACAAI Distinguished Service Award.

Pages 8-9 – Annual Scientific Meeting photos. Jay Portnoy, MD, FACAAI, and William Dolen, MD, FACAAI, received the Distinguished Fellow Award.

Page 11 – Dr. Blaiss photographed at an international meeting.


September/October 2011 ACAAI News

Pages 2, 4-5, and 7 – Check out the future predictions from then-President Dana Wallace, MD, FACAAI – anything come true?

Page 8 – Dr. Martin is honored with the Distinguished Fellow award.


Winter 2017 College Advantage

You should have just received this issue in the mail, but we wanted to put a copy here as well so you could see the transformation of our publication. Check out the issue if you haven’t already!