New RVU and Appeals & Denials toolkits

| November 20, 2023

New RVU and Appeals & Denials toolkits

The Practice Management and Billing Committees have been working hard to develop new resources that are important for all allergists. “Whether you’re an employed allergist, a practice owner, a FIT or new allergist, one or both of our new toolkits will benefit you,” said Melinda Rathkopf, MD, MBA, FACAAI, Chair of the Practice Management Committee.

Relative Value Unit (RVU) Toolkit

Our RVU toolkit demystifies the complicated topic of RVUs. We explain what RVUs are and why they’re important to both employed allergists and practice owners – and especially for FITs negotiating new contracts. Importantly, whether you’re an employed allergist or a practice owner, RVUs likely impact your compensation. “We’ve heard from many members that RVUs are a confusing topic, but allergists owe it to themselves to take time to understand it,” said Dr. Rathkopf. “The College’s RVU toolkit makes it very accessible.”

The RVU toolkit also provides RVUs for common allergy codes plus the latest wRVU and compensation data for allergists.

Appeals and Denials Toolkit

Did you know that approximately 90% of rejected claims are preventable? And that more than 70% of denied claims can be successfully appealed – if you make the effort? With recent reimbursement cuts, your practice can’t afford to lose money to denied claims. The College’s Appeals and Denials toolkit can help!

Our new Appeals and Denials toolkit:

  1. Provides key strategies to prevent denials up front.
  2. Helps you troubleshoot – and get to the bottom of – existing denials.
  3. Provides resources and tips for common allergy/immunology appeals, including sample appeal letters for typical visit/procedure types.

Use our toolkit to put the right procedures in place to minimize denials and ensure proper payment. And when you do need to appeal a denial, customize our sample appeal letters to save time.

For more helpful practice management resources and toolkits, check out the College’s Practice Management Center, where you’ll find more than 20 toolkits on business and clinical topics.