Meet your new officers and regents

November 5, 2019

Meet your new officers and regents

J. Allen Meadows, MD, FACAAI

Montgomery, Alabama

Current academic/professional positions: Private practice, Alabama Allergy and Asthma Clinic, Montgomery, Alabama; Clinical Faculty, Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dothan, Alabama; Clinical Faculty, Montgomery Family Practice Residency, Montgomery, Alabama.

“The College is an organization with a rich heritage and a bright future. We always have been, and will always be, the voice of the practicing allergist. I am excited about the new proposed union between the Advocacy Council and the House of Delegates (HOD). The changes to be announced soon promise to make our HOD stronger and an integral part of our advocacy efforts, not just in Washington, but in each state capital as well. The HOD will be our eyes and ears on the ground in every state, helping to insure we have no more surprises that could potentially impair our ability to mix extracts and offer quality care to our patients. The College is planning to invest significant capitol, both economic and in manpower, to improve our advocacy in each state. It’s always better to be involved in writing legislation than getting it fixed after it’s written. Our new initiative will help make this a reality, and not just a dream in the distant future.”

Luz Fonacier, MD, FACAAI

Mineola, New York

Current Professional/Academic Positions: Professor of Medicine, State University of New York at Stony Brook; Head, Allergy Section, NYU Winthrop Hospital, New York; Fellowship Training Program Director, Allergy and Immunology Fellowship Program, NYU Winthrop Hospital, New York.

“The opportunity to affect meaningful change for our specialty is embodied in the College’s Vision 2020 program. As part of that change, and as a woman and minority in medicine, I would like to focus on diversity, collaboration and expansion in the organization and leadership as a way to strengthen the College. Fellows-in-Training (FITS) are the lifeblood and our future leaders, so continuing to support training programs and FITs is extremely important as well. I imagine, in the future, the College will be at the forefront of education, not only for allergists, but for primary care physicians too. Our future with the College at our side is bright, and I’m happy to be here to help lead the way.”

Mark Corbett, MD, FACAAI

Louisville, Kentucky
Vice President

Current academic/professional positions: Private practice at Advanced ENT and Allergy in Louisville, KY; clinical professor of pediatrics at the University of Louisville.

"I look forward to leading the College as we enter another decade and building upon the advances that have taken place with the Vision 2020 initiative. I will strive to continue efforts to advance our specialty and enhance the ability of the practicing allergist to truly be looked upon as the expert in allergic and immunologic conditions."

Kathleen May, MD, FACAAI

Augusta, Georgia

Current Professional/Academic Positions: Division Chief, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine, Division of Allergy, Immunology and Pediatric Rheumatology MCG at Augusta University.

“Serving the College as your Treasurer for the past year has been my pleasure, and we are well poised to continue supporting the needs of the practicing allergist. The next year should see continued growth in important programs and projects tailored to early and mid-career members. It would be an honor to continue to serve in this capacity, providing financial leadership and to encouraging our newest allergists to become more engaged in College activities.”

Kevin R. Murphy, MD, FACAAI

Omaha, Nebraska

Current academic/professional positions: Allergy, Asthma and Pediatric Pulmonology, Boys Town National Research Hospital, Omaha NE; Director of Allergy, Asthma and Pulmonary Research, Boys Town National Research Hospital; Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Department of Pediatrics, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha NE.

"In joining the ACAAI Board of Regents, I’m honored to be part of the exceptional education and leadership that the College provides. I look forward to taking part in the continued growth of the College as it advocates for and supports excellent patient care.”

John Seyerle, MD, FACAAI

Cincinnati, Ohio

Current academic/professional positions: Allergist at Allergy and Asthma Care in Cincinnati, OH and Richmond, IN.

"The College is the most important organization we have to ensure our patients have access to the quality care provided by our specialty."

James Wesley Sublett, MD, MPH, FACAAI

Louisville, Kentucky

Current academic/professional positions: Medical Director of Research, Family Allergy and Asthma, Louisville, KY.

“The future of allergy is promising, but challenges continually arise that threaten our specialty. I am excited to join the ACAAI Board of Regents team and help address these challenges through education and advocacy efforts that benefit both current and future allergists and strengthen our specialty.”