Fitness and Sports-related Sites

Tips for identifying fitness and sports-related sites, events and groups

Sporting events, such as marathons, 5K races or tournaments, often attract large crowds and can provide an opportunity for increasing awareness of asthma, EIB and nasal allergies.

Fitness centers, YMCAs, park districts, recreational sporting leagues and youth sports programs also are potential outlets that can serve as screening sites or venues you can contact to help spread the word about a screening at another location. There are a variety of ways you can research and identify these events and groups in your community:

  • Contact your local park district, the city department of recreation, chamber of commerce or tourism bureau to see what fitness or sporting events are scheduled. These groups may be able to tell you about recreational softball, basketball and other sports leagues, as well as special events like 5K runs, walk-a-thons and similar activities.
  • Reach out to local chapters of national nonprofit organizations that may offer local fitness events. For example, some local chapters of the American Cancer Society offer Relay for Life events, a 24-hour walk/run, and the American Lung Association conducts Asthma Walks in some communities. Other national organizations, like the YMCA, sponsor sporting events. Also check with allergy and asthma patient support groups about events they may be involved with.
  • Consider local nonprofit groups that serve your community and may offer fitness events or tournaments. Schools also may conduct fundraising fitness-related events.
  • Contact fitness centers and health clubs in your community. The phone book will have a listing. Or, visit to locate nearby centers.
  • Visit Athlinks, an international database of races including running, triathlons, swimming, cycling and mountain biking. You can search by location or date to see what is happening in your area.
  • Contact local sports teams. Screening program coordinators have offered programs at baseball
    stadiums, hockey arenas and soccer fields.
  • Review local publications and websites to check for event listings in your area. Craigslist offers places to post events, and there may be other sites that serve your area.
  • Reach out to school nurses, gym teachers and coaches at area schools to ask for their help in alerting kids and parents to the screening.
  • Use national organizations to find resources for local sports, fitness and recreation leagues. Many offer information on their websites about finding local chapters, such as: