Experts in excellence at Annual Meeting

| September 21, 2020

Experts in excellence at Annual Meeting

The College continues its tradition of featuring named lectures at this year’s virtual Annual Scientific Meeting. These speakers embody the high standards and achievements of the physicians for whom the lectures are named.

Watch and listen live to two prestigious lectures during the session “It’s Time to Individualize Our Approach to Diagnosis and Testing” from 8:00 – 9:30 am on Saturday, Nov. 14.

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Bela Schick Lecture

James Tracy, DO, FACAAI presents “Then, Now and Where Do We Go from Here?”

“The College’s strategic plan, Vision 2020, was successfully executed and has provided direction on where the College is headed. As the College plans for the future, who could have imagined we as allergists would be facing so many challenges? It truly is unprecedented,” said Dr. Tracy. “During the pandemic the practice of medicine has changed and we, as caregivers, have adapted. We rapidly developed strategies to safely care for our patients, deployed telemedicine, and at the same time, worked to maintain the safety of our staff, our families and ourselves. So, where do we go from here?  Novel treatments to disease, or approaches to care?  Allergists will need to continue to grow and adapt to meet the future, and perhaps additional unknown challenges.”

Edward J. O’Connell Memorial Lecture

Luz S. Fonacier, MD, FACAAI presents “Lessons Learned From the Skin: How Allergists Can Help Our Patients With Their Common Concerns.”

“The practice of allergy has evolved and expanded. In addition to our allergy shots, we use biologics and small molecules, perform induction of tolerance to chemotherapeutics and food desensitization,” said Dr. Fonacier. “In addition to asthma, we are increasingly consulted on allergic dermatosis.  At least 50% of allergists perform patch testing for allergic contact dermatitis.”

She adds, “Through the years, allergists have emailed me their questions, pictures and cases. I decided to compile them the past three years, not unlike the “Dear Abby” column of the recent past. Allergists can manage many of the chronic skin conditions our patients suffer from and even provide insight into lessons we have learned regarding the immune system in the skin.

It is an honor to give this Edward J. O’Connell Memorial Lecture. Dr. O’Connell, a past president of the College (1990-1991), was a caring, compassionate physician with a life-long passion for serving children. He was a passionate educator and served as Editor-in-Chief (1998 –2005) of the Annals.”