Enjoy live Annual Meeting sessions

| August 24, 2020

Enjoy live Annual Meeting sessions

Harold Miller, keynote speaker

The College’s 2020 Annual Meeting may be virtual, but you won’t miss out on live sessions. From plenaries and the FIT program to sessions on immunotherapy, there are a wide range of sessions you can watch – and participate in – from the comfort of your home or office.

Some of the live sessions include:

Friday, Nov. 13

  • Presidential Plenary: The Changing Payment System featuring Keynote Speaker, Harold Miller, President and CEO of the Center for Healthcare Quality and Payment Reform
  • Guiding Patients Through Peanut Immunotherapy Options
  • Addressing Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Allergy/Immunotherapy Populations
  • Town Hall Meeting presented by the ACAAI House of Delegates
  • Distinguished Industry Oral Abstracts

Saturday, Nov. 14

  • It’s Time To Individualize Our Approach to Diagnosis and Testing
  • What’s That Rash? Doctor, What’s Wrong With My Skin? JEOPARDY!
  • Not on Thursday Program: Cough / Biologics
  • FIT Integrated Educational Program and Business Meeting

Sunday, Nov. 15

  • SCIT Versus SLIT – Let the Battle Begin
  • Coding and Government Relations
  • GINA Versus NHLBI Asthma Guidelines: How Do We Reconcile Differences?
  • The Challenges of Severe Conjunctival Inflammation

There are many more live sessions. Also, check out our Recorded+ sessions! View Recorded+ programs at their scheduled time and stay for live questions and answers following the session. View the Annual Meeting program for a full schedule.