Do patients and primary care providers know all the ways you can help?

| September 7, 2022

Do patients and primary care providers know all the ways you can help?

Check out our campaign to help educate PCPs as well as current and new patients about all the conditions you treat.

Get inspired. Get connected. Get referrals.

The American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology has been working tirelessly on your behalf to help boost referrals from primary care providers (PCPs). We developed an entire creative campaign along with a host of materials to help you raise awareness in your community. From web ads to social media to a dedicated website, we’re committed to spreading the word about the importance of board-certified, fellowship-trained allergists.

We’ve even partnered with a celebrity. John C. McGinley played a blustering but eminently knowledgeable doctor on the Emmy Award-winning comedy series Scrubs. He played Dr. Cox with a level of humor and intelligence that we knew would fit this campaign perfectly. The campaign videos he stars in are not just funny, educational and relatable, but credible. Check out the campaign and watch the videos here.

Why a campaign?

We’ve created this campaign to help PCPs and patients understand the importance of seeing a board-certified, fellowship-trained allergist for unresolved symptoms from allergies, asthma, atopic dermatitis, food allergies, urticaria, recurrent infections and all the other conditions we treat.

What does the campaign do?

The centerpieces of this campaign are the engaging ads that PCPs and the public will see on popular medical websites and e-publications, on social media and as they’re browsing the web. These ads will take viewers to a wealth of information on our appealing, user-friendly microsite, complete with a call to action to “Find an Allergist.”

We’ve also developed a toolkit for you to help build awareness in your community about the conditions you’re specially trained to treat. Our hope is that you’ll be able to increase patient referrals from PCPs and expand your services to current patients as well as attract new ones who may not be aware of all that you treat.

What will you find in the toolkit?

  • Customizable email templates to send to current and prospective patients as well as to area healthcare providers.
  • Two customizable postcard templates—one to send to PCPs and one to send to snifflers, sneezers and wheezers to let them know that relief could be an appointment away.
  • Two blog posts with space for your own content and photos in case some of your patients are itching to sing your praises.
  • “Why Use a Board-Certified Allergist” infographic that can be printed and posted in your office or used as an email attachment or even a social post.
  • A two-sided flashcard to point out to patients all the ways you can help solve their trickiest allergy problems.

The purpose of this campaign and toolkit is to get the word out about the benefits of care provided by board-certified and fellowship-trained allergists. You know patients don’t have to suffer. We know patients don’t have to suffer. And now they and their PCPs will know, too. All you need to do is download the kit and use the tool that most suits your practice—or use all five to really pack a punch.