College launches new and improved public website

August 30, 2021

College launches new and improved public website

Last week the College launched a new version of our public website. With its clean look and easy-to-find information, it’s a great place for patients to learn about allergic conditions and find an allergist in their community. Take a minute to review the site and see the variety of information and resources we’re offering.

Here are some features we anticipate will benefit everyone who visits.

Home page with featured articles – The new, updated home page is now more dynamic, with more articles featured. We are keeping the articles updated with seasonal news releases, responses to current events and news items based on studies in Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. The new home page is bolder, brighter, and easier to navigate. It reflects the theme carried throughout the site of people fully living their lives with allergies and asthma.

Interactive tools – Anyone who suffers from allergies, asthma or atopic dermatitis will find our interactive shared decision-making tools easy to use and helpful in determining their next steps in treatment. We also have a tool to help those with allergies and asthma decide if they might be a candidate for allergen immunotherapy. The tools are designed to be used with their allergist to walk through potential treatments and medications to find the best fit to address their individual symptoms.

More Spanish content – We now have more Spanish-language content, and we will be adding more Spanish articles and news releases regularly to make the site a robust source of both English and Spanish information.

Compatibility with the new member site – The refreshed public site was designed in style, appearance, and branding as a companion to the ACAAI member site unveiled last year. The two sites work in tandem to offer members and patients the most up-to-date information on diagnosing, treating, and managing allergic diseases.

Updated Newsroom – If you are interested in reaching out to local media outlets in your area as a resource, check out the updated newsroom on the public site. You can use the press releases found there as a template for your own releases. Put your name and your practice information on the releases and send to local contacts. Or print out the releases as a handout for your patients on the latest allergy and asthma issues.

Find an Allergist – The tool to help patients locate an allergist in their area has been redesigned and updated. Now is the perfect time to update your profile to make sure your contact information is correct, along with office address(es), languages spoken and any specialty areas you want highlighted.

Looking for the College members website? – From the home page, click “For Members” on the top left of your monitor (or at the top of your smart phone). It will take you to the ACAAI members site ( where you can access the resources your membership provides.

Consider putting a link to the College’s new public website on your practice website. Encourage your patients to use the new site to find information they’re looking for to help them or their children deal with allergy and asthma symptoms.