A new look for the Advocacy Council

| December 27, 2021

A new look for the Advocacy Council

A new year – a new look. The Advocacy Council has a redesigned logo and new tagline.

As part of the College’s Vision Forward Strategic Plan, we’ve developed a new brand identity and tagline for the Advocacy Council. It is our intention that the new brand and tagline capture the spirit of the Advocacy Council, help immediately and effectively forecast this philosophy to stakeholders, and, ultimately, elevate the profile of the Advocacy Council.

College officers, the Advocacy Council Board and HOD leaders completed a brief survey that helped guide the development of the new brand identity.

The survey results indicated that the respondents wanted the Advocacy Council to be regarded as effective, responsive and an ally in the allergy and immunology field. They preferred a slightly modern and formal design, clean and differentiated from the College brand.

They wanted the tagline to support the advancement of the specialty and represent its interests, respond to the needs of the practicing allergists/immunologists, and empower them to be a strong voice and protect the future of the specialty.

Leaders also wanted to demonstrate the characteristics that differentiate the Advocacy Council’s efforts from others, including the advancement of the specialty and patient care; protecting the future of the specialty; our advanced knowledge of issues and connections with other advocacy groups and government; our support for the practicing allergist and the specialty and our responsiveness to member’s needs.

Leadership was given several taglines and logos to choose from – and the new logo is…

When you see this new logo, you’ll know that it stands for a fresh and expanded commitment in the College’s ongoing efforts to represent you and your patients.