Why I’m an Allergist campaign

| April 30, 2024

Why I’m an Allergist campaign

The College is kicking off a #WeAreAllergists social media campaign for National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month (May 2024). Here is what members of the Social Media Subcommittee did, and you can do it too!

See Dr. Khan’s video.

Download a PDF or an image of the #WeAreAllergists social media post below, personalize it, and join the campaign! Use it on Instagram or wherever you post on social media. Be sure to use the #WeAreAllergists hashtag in your post, along with #asthma and #allergies. [Please note: you may need to re-size your image to 1080 x 1080 pixels for Instagram after saving it.]

For a low-tech way to post: Print out the graphic, fill it in, then take a photo of it (with or without you in the photo) with your phone, and then upload the photo to your social media platform of choice.

I am an allergist because…with numbers (PDF)

I am an allergist because…blank (PDF)

I am allergist because…(.png image)

Other hashtags to use: