Want to hold an asthma screening but don’t know where?

February 12, 2018

Want to hold an asthma screening but don’t know where?

Interested in holding a screening through the Nationwide Asthma Screening Program, but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! Plenty of other members have experiences enough to share.  

Paul Qaqundah, MD, FACAAI, of Huntington Beach, CA held a screening during a community center Duck-A-Thon fundraiser where hundreds of giant, yellow rubber ducks were the backdrop. “The site gave us access to so many people who were already out and having fun and then took time to stop at our booth,” said Dr. Qaqundah. 

Where else could you set up a screening? 

Nathanael Brady, DO, of Colorado Springs, CO and his staff set up their booth at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. They took the time to coordinate the screening with the zoo’s “Run to Shine” event. 

Dr. Brady thought this was a great way to reach out and “educate families about asthma." He said, “It also helped us capture a special population of runners and competitive athletes who may be at risk for exercise induced bronchoconstriction.” 

A screening could be held almost anywhere 

Over the years, screening have been in community centered places all over the map, from temples to baseball stadiums, from summer camps to shopping malls. 

June Zhang, MD, FACAAI, from Sunnyvale, CA, held a screening at a local mall. “The screening program provides a great opportunity to raise awareness about how allergists can help people treat their symptoms and improve their quality of life," said Dr. Zhang. 

The hardest part of holding a screening is not in choosing to benefit your community by reaching out and educating, but in deciding where you should hold your screening! Use our site selection and fitness and sports related sites resources to find the right location for you. 

Send us your Coordinator Registration to let us know you are interested and your Location Registration once you have decided on your location. Then we’ll email you a link to access the electronic toolkit, which has everything you need to make your screening a success.

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