Committee Spotlight: Education Services Committee

February 28, 2019

The Education Services and Data Technology (ESDT) Committee, housed under the College’s Education Council, plays a big role in ensuring the College leverages technology to support our members’ education. This includes online learning opportunities provided via the College Learning Connection (CLC). The CLC offers more than 100 online courses, a library of useful tools and resources and access to users’ CME transcripts. Many of these courses and resources are available to College members free of charge.

The ESDT Committee is responsible for reviewing the CLC to ensure it’s relevant to the needs of our members. They’ve developed a set of critical performance metrics to track the growth of the CLC and to measure the impact on learners. Their findings are reported to the College’s leadership on a regular basis, along with recommendations for further improvements. “We’re always looking for trending and popular topics to incorporate into short courses that practicing allergists can easily fit into their schedules,” said Mamta Reddy, MD, FACAAI, chair of the Committee. “Our members are busy seeing patients, and we want to make sure the CLC provides a quick way to gain new knowledge and practical insights for their practices.”

Following a recent review of the CLC, the Committee will soon begin focusing on enhancing the user experience by streamlining navigation, updating the homepage and optimizing the course catalog. This will involve refinements to how information is labeled and organized, expanding and re-categorizing the course descriptions and enhancing the language and layout in the course catalog. “We’re working to improve the user’s experience,” said Dr. Reddy. “Our goal is to make the CLC a one-stop shop where our members can access all the resources they need to support their education.”

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