ACAAI House of Delegates continues its work

| July 31, 2023

ACAAI House of Delegates continues its work

The College’s House of Delegates’ (HOD) goal is to build a communications network between the HOD and state and regional societies. Currently there are 30 state delegates around the country. If you’re unsure about who represents you in your state, go to the HOD webpage. If your state does not have a delegate, consider applying for the position!

State Legislation
Your state delegates have been monitoring more than 65 proposed pieces of legislation this year concerning allergy and asthma, step therapy, network adequacy, prior authorization and scope of practice. The HOD not only tracks the introduction, but also its movement as it advances through the legislative process. Some of your delegates have met with their state legislators and provided them with background information on why they should support specific pieces of legislation. State delegates are allergy/asthma experts to legislators.

Annual Town Hall Meeting Program
The HOD will meet in Anaheim, California, Nov. 10 from 4:30 – 6:00 pm PT. During the brief Business Meeting, a new Recording Secretary will be elected. In addition, a great program is planned, titled The Future of Allergy – My Perspective. Attendees will hear perspectives from a solo practitioner, an academician and a large, national group on the current and future practice of allergy.

November Training Session
Also during the College’s Annual Meeting, the HOD will host a brief training session for state delegates. The purpose is to provide state delegates with tools they need to be successful allergy advocates.

Regional Town Hall Meetings
The HOD has hosted regional town hall meetings over the last several months.
Recent meetings:

  • Great Lakes Region – Dr. Don Bukstein’s town hall was held in July.
  • Intermountain Region – Dr. Michael Volz held his meeting in early June.
  • Southeast Region – Dr. Wes Sublett, sitting in for the Southeast Super-delegate Dr. Steve Dorman, held the meeting in June.
  • West Coast Region – Dr. Madeleine Ramos’ virtual meeting was held in May.

Coming up:

  • Mid-Atlantic Region – Dr. Michael Palumbo will host the meeting Aug. 9. Register now.
  • New England Region – Dr. Randolph will host the meeting on Aug. 24. Register now.

Each region discusses issues specific to their area. In addition, CPT 95165, allergy workforce shortages, UHC difficulties, audits, USP 797, virtual appointments and virtual supervision were included in almost every discussion. These popular virtual meetings will be continued again next year.

AMA Membership
In order for the College to continue to be included in the AMA’s HOD, certain membership criteria must be met. Societies are reviewed every five years and the College’s review is next year. The review is based on this year’s membership numbers. Please join or renew BOTH your College and AMA memberships.

We hope to see you at the HOD Annual Town Hall Meeting in November!