We’ve changed, and so have our volunteers

June 28, 2017

We’ve changed, and so have our volunteers

As part of our governance reform under Vision 2020, we have taken big steps to refine our committee structure and the appointments process. Our goal is to foster an environment where more members, especially those in early stages of their careers, have an opportunity to contribute. More importantly, we want to establish pathways for leadership for the specialty’s next generation of leaders.

Since launching a new application process in 2015, we have been able to greatly broaden and diversify member representation on our committees and councils. In 2017, the third year of the Vision 2020 reform, we received 166 volunteer applications (94 new appointments; 72 term extensions). The table below summarizes the applicant demographics and how they have changed under Vision 2020.

Table 1. Committee applications before and after the implementation of Vision 2020.

We are pleased to see more members come forward every year to lend their time and expertise. There has been a year-to-year increase in the involvement of younger members (under the age of 45), women and members who are new to the College (i.e., those who joined within the last 10 years). Nearly a third of the 2017 applications are from members who have never served on a College committee. This group of applicants has the highest proportion of women and members under the age of 45.

Nearly all of our members who participated in the March 2017 College Leadership Summit are currently serving or have applied to serve on a committee in 2017; six Leadership Summit participants serve in a leadership capacity as committee chairs or vice chairs.

Chart 1. Member Type

Chart 2. Gender

Chart 3. Prior College Service

Chart 4. Leadership Role

We have charged the Appointments Committee with reviewing all applications and ensuring the 2017-2019 committee appointments are representative of the College’s diverse membership-at-large.

In the next three years, we will focus on capitalizing on the diversity and vast expertise of our member volunteers as we work toward achieving our 2018-2020 strategic goals.