Take the updated allergenic extract preparation quiz

| October 7, 2019

Take the updated allergenic extract preparation quiz

There’s been considerable concern regarding the changes the revision of USP Chapter 797 has brought to practices. Don’t worry – the College and Advocacy Council have you covered!

One of the USP 797 standards requires all mixing personnel to complete written or electronic testing annually to prove competency in preparing allergenic extract – before they are allowed to mix allergenic extract. The updated version of the College’s Allergenic Extract Preparation Quiz is now available – it’s free for members! Your staff can receive a 75% discount by using the coupon code MIXING19.

The quiz contains 30 questions on the preparation of allergenic extract. Correct answers progress to the next question; incorrect responses are provided with an explanation of why the answer is not correct – and then you can repeat the question. The entire quiz takes about 30 minutes. If you have already taken the quiz in 2019, you can wait until 2020 to take the updated version of the quiz.

If you were enrolled in the previous quiz version and had not finished, your account will automatically move to the new version.

As we announced on Sept. 24, implementation of the revision of the USP standards has been postponed due to concerns of compounders outside of allergy. A new implementation date has not yet been announced, but the Advocacy Council continues to monitor the situation.

Want to know more about USP?

Plan to attend the College’s Annual Meeting in Houston, Nov. 7 – 11 for these great presentations you and your staff won’t want to miss:

  • USP 797, The Final Word – What Does it Say? What Does it Mean? What do I Have to Do? on Sunday, Nov. 10.
  • USP 797: What the New Rule Means for Your Practice on Friday, Nov. 8, during the Office Administrators Course (separate fee).

And view the archived webinar USP & me: steps to implement the new extract mixing standards, free to members.

We will update you on the USP implementation date and the availability of additional resources in future articles – make sure you read the advocacy article each week in College Insider! The College and Advocacy Council – we have you covered!