Bottom-up strategic planning

May 31, 2018

As the demographics of our committees continue to change, and become more representative of our membership at large, we’re also changing the way we set the direction for the College. We’re committed to working from the bottom up to ensure we have a handle on the needs of our members and develop programming that meets these needs. Aside from surveying our membership to get a sense of where we stand, we’re turning to our committees to develop the blueprint for our work.

Beginning this year, we’ll be working directly with College committees to set our goals, outline our strategies, develop next year’s budget and decide how we’ll measure our success. We’ll start with a subset of committees with assigned strategies for 2019 to flesh out the details of our plan and explore synergies between various councils (i.e., Advocacy, Education, Science and Communication). Next year we will broaden this framework for grassroots involvement.

Ultimately, our goal is to efficiently utilize the vast expertise within our organization, be mindful of and responsive to the needs of practicing allergists at every career stage and ensure our work continues to support the allergist community. We’re excited to see more members stepping up, including women and young allergists, to play a key role in moving our organization forward.