Your questions answered

May 30, 2019

We asked Michael Blaiss, MD, FACAAI, executive medical director, to comment on how committees can go about implementing new projects.

Q: What should committees keep in mind when initiating their own projects?

First, think about projects that would benefit you in your practice. If it would help you, then it could be worthwhile to all practicing allergists. Also think outside the box. No project is too small or too large to bring to the College’s leadership. Our main goal is to support our members and their practices. Projects from committees provide an important means of reaching this goal. This is your opportunity to make a difference in our specialty. I am happy to discuss any possible projects with you at any time.

Q: How do committees obtain funding for their projects?

Once your committee approves the project, it goes to the appropriate council. In the council, it is discussed, voted on, and if favorable, sent to the Budget/Finance Committee and then the Board of Regents for approval and funding. We’ll be accepting proposals for the 2020 budget this summer. I encourage you to submit a proposal and not be too concerned about the budget for your project. If it is a worthwhile project, the College leadership will find the funding.

Q: What are some common committee projects the College has supported?

In 2019, the College approved two committee projects that were initiated by its members: a membership survey on the use and experience with biologics for severe asthma (developed by the Asthma Committee); and a guideline/publication on CAM practices for allergists (developed by the Integrative Medicine Committee). The College’s leadership would like to receive more projects from committees to possibly fund in 2020. 

Need more insights? Feel free to email Dr. Blaiss with any additional questions you may have.