Spotlight on the work of the Public Relations Committee

September 27, 2018

The Public Relations Committee, housed under the College’s Communication Council, continually works behind the scenes to ensure the content on our public website is relevant, informative, scientifically accurate and easy to find. The public website is the single most visited site dedicated to allergy and asthma information and averages over 650,000 unique visitors per month.

The Committee is currently focused on enhancing the asthma section of the public site. “Working with College staff, we recognized there was a need to update and add content and to refresh the look of this section,” said Janna Tuck, MD, FACAAI, Public Relations Committee chair. “We are also focused on making sure the content is search engine optimized, so that when someone searches for asthma information, the College is high on the list of results. Once a visitor is on the site, the main call to action is to Find an Allergist.” When completed, the asthma section of the site will have 12 new pages of content covering topics such as adult-onset asthma, non-allergic asthma, allergic asthma, asthma attack and more.