Getting back on track

September 27, 2018

When you're busy, it’s sometimes not possible to participate in every committee project and meeting. It can be challenging to come back and contribute after having been gone for a while. If that’s happened to you and you’re ready to reconnect, give the following a try:

  • Visit your committee page for a list of current members. You will find a link to your committee page in the College’s committee directory. You may want to contact your chair or staff liaison to see what you’ve missed and how you can get involved.  
  • See what’s been posted to Basecamp. You can view past discussions to get a sense of what the committee is working on. See the getting started guide if you need a refresher on how to access and navigate the site.
  • Attend your committee’s meeting in Seattle.  Many committees hold an in-person meeting at the Annual Meeting. It’s great way to reconnect and discuss ways you can contribute. Check in with your staff liaison to see if your committee is scheduled to meet.

Looking for more tips? Committee Insider can help you make the most of your volunteer experience.