Executive Committee Decisions

May 31, 2018

Following are key actions taken by the Executive Committee during its Feb. 12 and Apr. 2 teleconferences. 

  • Authorized the president to sign a Partnership Agreement with the National Peanut Board outlining the College’s participation in the “Early Introduction of Peanuts” campaign following review of the agreement by legal counsel.
  • Ratified the appointment of Jay Lieberman, MD, FACAAI (Memphis, TN), as the College’s representative on the National Peanut Board’s “Early Introduction of Peanuts” campaign.
  • Ratified the reappointment of Marissa Shams, MD, FACAAI, as the College’s representative to the AMA Young Physician’s Section for 2018.
  • Ratified the joint ACAAI/AAAAI nomination of John Kelso, MD, FACAAI, to the CDC Advisory Committee.
  • Authorized the president to establish joint ACAAI/AAAAI work groups related to factors that lead residents to go into allergy/immunology and other workforce issues.
  • Requested the Texas Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Society (TAAIS) be informed the College has no plans to develop a position statement or an educational program to address the opioid epidemic.
  • Appointed Dana Wallace, MD, FACAAI, as the College co-chair and Shahzad Mustafa, MD, FACAAI, as a member of the ACAAI/AAAAI Joint Taskforce on Quality Measures.
  • Approved the development of a Step-down Asthma Yardstick and inviting Matthew Rank, MD, John Oppenheimer, MD, FACAAI, David Lang, MD, FACAAI, Kevin Murphy, MD, FACAAI, Leonard Bacharier, MD, FACAAI, Robert Zeiger, MD, and Brad Chipps, MD, FACAAI to author the yardstick.
  • Reaffirmed the College continues to work with the Biologics Prescribers Collaborative of the Alliance for Patient Access regarding their efforts related to biologics.
  • Ratified the individual travel reimbursement limits as outlined for ACAAI representatives who travel to the AMA Annual and Interim meetings with the understanding the president can authorize exceptions on a case-by-case basis when warranted.
  • Ratified the request for the Asthma Committee’s review of the CHEST physicians’ “Chronic Cough Related to Acute Viral Bronchiolitis in Children: CHEST Expert Panel Report” and authorized the president to provide College endorsement of the document if recommended by the committee and College officers.
  • Approved the nomination of Gerald Lee, MD (internal medicine), and Mitchell Lester, MD, FACAAI (pediatrics), to the ABAI Board of Directors for 2020-2026.
  • Ratified the establishment of a joint ACAAI/AAAAI task force to explore the future of academic workforce issues and appointing Bryan Martin, DO, FACAAI (chair), Larry Borish, MD, FACAAI, Tim Craig, MD, FACAAI, Paul Dowling, MD, FACAAI, and Tracy Fausnight, MD, FACAAI, as College representatives to the task force.
  • Requested Leonard Bielory, MD, FACAAI, work with the other authors to incorporate any requested revisions and additional literature sources into the Ocular Allergy ICON as recommended by members of the Executive Committee and Rhinitis Committee and forward a revised document to other iCAALL societies following approval of the College president.