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August 10, 2015

The College reorganized the House of Delegates (HOD) as part of its effort to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its governing body. The HOD is now organized into 7 distinct regions (Great Lakes, International, Mid-Atlantic, Mountain, New England, Southeast and West Coast), with local and state chapters reporting to the regions under which they live. As with the streamlined, tiered reporting structure adopted by the College to govern its other committees, the new HOD structure provides a more manageable and practical reporting tree, which will facilitate increased communication between regions. In the future, this new, more nimble structure will enable increased dialogue around important local and state advocacy issues that could have bearing on national policies. In this way, the HOD can more successfully participate in championing the best interests of practicing allergists and the specialty. 

Great LakesMid-AtlanticMountainNew EnglandSoutheastWest CoastInternationalTotal

Member Societie91114131312476

States97 plus DC1379 plus PR5-50

Please click this llink to view the Regional Map which will identify states in your Region. This second link identifies the Member Societies in each region.

We are asking for your help in nominating "Super Delegates" for each of the seven regions. You can self-nominate, nominate colleagues and/or send in multiple nominations.

Role of Super Delegates

Each of the Super Delegates will serve as a liaison between their member society allergists and the HOD leadership. They will support the HOD Mission: "The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology House of Delegates shall serve as a forum for the discussion of issues and dissemination of information among allergists and provide a mechanism for sending official requests from Member Societies to the ACAAI Board of Regents." Super Delegates will communicate important information or problem issues — such as State Compounding legislation — to the ACAAI leadership for appropriate action.

Term of Office

Super Delegates will serve for two-years and can be reelected for another two-year term. It is the intention of the HOD that the Super Delegate position will alternate among states in each region over time.


A Super Delegate must be an ACAAI Fellow in good standing.

Selection Process

  • A nominee interested in a Super Delegate position will submit a CV and application/letter indicating intent to serve and reason for application (following either self-nomination or society nomination). The applicant letter shall also list leadership/committee positions held in ACAAI, work with other non-profit/community organizations, or political organizations - along with any accomplishments.
  • Candidates for election will be selected by the HOD Nominating Committee.

Slate of Officers

The slate of officers will be announced in September and the election will take place during the Town Hall Meeting on November 6, 2015.

Use this Nomination Form to list your recommendations. The form can be e-mailed to Bob Krawisz or faxed back (847 427-9656). Submit your nominations by August 17.