Top ten College Insider reads of 2017

December 22, 2017

We’ve done a lot this year. We’ve looked at our past as we celebrated our 75th anniversary, and we’ve looked toward the bright future for allergy. As another year comes to a close, we thought it might be fun to look at the 10 most read College Insider articles this year.

  1. PRE-PEN® receives waiver (Oct. 16)­ – The College wrote a letter to the FDA in support of PRE-PEN® and penicillin testing as a public health need. In an unusual move by the FDA, PRE-PEN® received a waiver – under the public health and barrier-to-innovation waiver provision. ­­ 
  2. Why MACRA is probably a good thing for allergists (Jan. 3) –  MACRA isn’t always a fun topic to read about – but what about some of the ways allergists could BENEFIT from it? Check out four of them here.
  3. Update on USP 797 and FDA Compounding Guidance (Jan. 9) – The new year seemed like a great time to update members on what the Advocacy Council had been working on in regard to USP 797 and compounding. And, as always, we’ve been right at the helm of this hot issue.  
  4. 2017 Medscape allergist compensation report (April 24)It’s always a popular read when Medscape comes out with their annual compensation report. How did allergists stack up in 2017? Pretty well, it turns out.
  5. Change is coming to United Health Care (Aug. 21) – It was in 2017 that Untied Health Care made a series of changes to how some CPT codes are billed and reported. College members were, understandably, very interested in this issue.
  6. From independent to employed: one allergist’s journey (July 24) – Some of our members may have thought about moving from private practice to a hospital setting, and in this article, Kira Geraci-Ciardullo, MD, FACAAI, shares her story of doing exactly that.
  7.  Immunotherapy Shared Decision-Making Toolkit (Nov. 13) – Are you discussing immunotherapy options with patients? This tool helps ensure your patients get the treatment that best meets their personal preferences and goals.
  8. Medicare releases 2018 physician fee schedule ( Nov. 6) – The final physician fee schedule was recently released – was does it mean for allergists? Our Advocacy Council breaks it down.
  9. National Government Services’ Medical Review of CPT 99214 (May 8) – Use CPT code 99214 a lot and live in Connecticut, Massachusetts or New York? Apparently, a lot of College members do, because this read on how this code is being reviewed for the highest Comprehensive Error  Rate Testing scores within the evaluation and management services got a lot of attention.
  10. Where has all the epinephrine gone? (Aug. 14) – Over the summer, the Advocacy Council was wondering….where on earth is all the epinephrine, and why are costs going up so much? They dive into some possible reasons in this article.