Top 10 reasons to stream the Annual Scientific Meeting

October 29, 2018

Can't travel to the all-new and best ever 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting? Get the second-best seat (your own!) and catch all the Saturday and Sunday plenaries and symposia live using any device. Plus, claim credit!

96% of previous Virtual Meeting attendees would recommend the experience to a colleague!

What are the benefits of attending virtually?

  1. Maximize your available time!
  2. Stay on the cutting edge of allergy and immunology research.
  3. Enhance your network by connecting with other Virtual Meeting attendees from around the world.
  4. Check out slides and recordings of the virtual sessions after the Virtual Meeting is over.
  5. Learn from thought leaders in the field.
  6. Save some $$. And College members get an extra $100 discount on the Virtual Meeting.
  7. Increase your productivity.
  8. Forget about TSA PreCheck – skip the airport altogether.
  9. Reduce your carbon footprint!
  10. Wear your pajamas to the meeting without getting any funny looks.

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