Top 10 reasons to have your practice manager join the College

March 12, 2018

Is your practice manager a College member? If not, you’re probably not taking advantage of everything the College has to offer. Take your practice to the next level by giving your manager the practice management tools they need to succeed!

Here’s the top 10 things your manager will get if they join the College (if they haven’t already):

  1. Access to our Practice Management Center. Our all-new hub for everything practice management is full of  newly revamped toolkits. They will find first class practice management strategies on topics such as collections, coding, practice profitability and more. And they’ll have access to our new immunotherapy shared decision-making toolkit and patient-centered tool.
  2. The ability to craft prior authorization letters with ease. They’ll get access to our most popular practice management resource, our prior authorization toolkit and our ground-breaking prior authorization appeal letter generator.
  3. Discounts on continuing ed. They’ll get a discounted rate ($59) on our new Allergy Office Essentials educational package, which features practical how-to’s in six key practice management areas: reducing no-shows; hiring and onboarding; managing employees; patient financial counseling; front desk training; and credit card on file.
  4. Free practice management webinars. They’ll receive invitations to attend all College practice management webinars – and can access recorded webinars and materials, such as our popular 95165 webinar, for free.
  5. Breaking news relevant to your specialty. They’ll receive our weekly e-newsletter, College Insider. They’ll get important updates on coding and advocacy issues plus monthly practice management articles – all geared to improving allergy practices. You won’t need to worry about missing updates critical to your practice! Check out past issues here.
  6. A newsletter you can use. They’ll receive our quarterly College Advantage newsletter. Recent practice management features include telehealth for allergists, allergy-specific cost and revenue practice data, and allergist compensation data. Our next issue will have cost-savings tips from other allergists! Implementing just one cost-saving tip will more than offset the cost of your manager’s membership. Read our past issues here.
  7. Marketing tools for finding new patients. They can explore our marketing toolkit and find a wealth of customizable patient education materials, tips to improve your online presence, and resources to market your practice.
  8. Discounted Annual Scientific Meeting registration. They can join us Nov. 15-19 in Seattle at a deep discount. The 2018 meeting is all about empowering your practice. We’ll have a wealth of sessions on practice management, coding and advocacy issues and much more. Your whole team can come with you!
  9. Networking and leadership opportunities. They can join a College committee – and network with other allergy practice managers to compare successes and challenges.
  10. A fantastic deal. Membership is a great value – only $105 annually.


When your manager succeeds, you succeed.

Have your manager join the College today.