Stay to the end for your best Annual Meeting ever!

June 19, 2017

Our Annual Scientific Meeting, Oct. 26-30 in Boston, has fantastic educational sessions planned for every day of the meeting. And staying until Monday is worth a day out of the office. You’ll be able to check out some of our best sessions on biologics for severe asthma, immunology of eczema, and complications of PIDD, as well as great Meet the Professor breakfasts and workshops.

Start Monday off right with one of our Meet the Professor breakfasts, our intimate morning sessions where you can connect closely with thought leaders in the specialty. Our Monday breakfasts cover Phenotype-based Approach for the Management of Preschool Episodic Wheezing and Asthma, Immunodeficiency in Patients with COPD, It Must Be Immunodeficiency, but the Immunoglobulins are Normal!, How to Deal With Orthopedic Implants, Integrative Allergy: Tools for Taking an Integrative Medicine History and Resources, Drug Allergy for the Practicing Allergist, Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disease, How to Start a Center of Excellence: The Cough Center Experience, and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome.

Next up is our session on how Biologic Therapy Should Be Used for Severe/Difficult to Treat Asthma. How will this affect your practice, and what does clinical trial data mean for you? Get the skinny on the best ways to bring these new, cutting-edge treatments to your practice.

Our following session will tackle itchy skin problems – the Immunology of Eczema: How to Best Address the Itch That Rashes Cause. Find out how to address chronic scratchers and what to do about skin diseases in the elderly.

Afternoon workshops cover every aspect of allergy practice, from insect allergy to facial swelling. Choose from Immunotherapy 2017: SCIT, SLIT and More!, Treating Asthma and Allergic Disease in the Elderly Utilizing Precision Medicine, Food Challenges in Practice: Safe and Simplified, The Spectrum of COPD: The Disease and Comorbidities, Biologics in Atopic Dermatitis, Anaphylaxis: A Spectrum of Cases, Facial Swelling: Lips & More, and Insect Allergy Update in Today's Complicated Beehive.

Our last plenary of the day is a good one, covering What We Know: Non-infectious Complications of PIDD. The sessions will use data from USIDNet on the frequency of non-infectious complications of primary immunodeficiency disease. Get all the info you need on how to evaluate PIDD patients with immune dysregulation, and peer into the future to find out how to use personalized therapy for monogeneic immune deficiency with immune dysregulation. Speaking of PIDD, did you know  the e-practice parameter is now available to access anytime, anywhere - free for College members?

With sessions, workshops and more covering the important topics in allergy like biologics and personalized medicine, make your travel plans now to stay through Monday. You’ll return to your practice with tons of information you’ll be able to start using right away – and you won’t regret staying!