In memoriam: Gilbert Barkin, MD, FACAAI

September 14, 2015

Gilbert Barkin, MD, FACAAI, passed away in his home on August 31, 2015, at the age of 86. Married to the love of his life Sandy (who passed away in 2007) for 52 years, he valued family, friends and community.

Dr. Barkin served as ACAAI president in 1982-83, was a Fellow of the College for 56 years and received the Distinguished Fellow award in 1984. “Gil was the key College physician behind the metamorphosis of the College from just a group that got together to share war stories to what it has become,” said Peter Boggs, MD, FACAAI. “It was Gil Barkin who assembled a group of highly committed physicians of the College to take a close look at where we were, where we wanted to be, and to set about planning and implementation of how to get to the future. His name is "etched in gold" in the memories of those of us fortunate enough to have known him, worked with him and called him "friend.” The College is what it is today largely due to his very hard, dedicated efforts many years ago. When others look back on the evolution of this organization, there will be Gil, holding up a lantern, helping us find a better way.”

Dr. Barkin was a dedicated allergist who trained at George Washington Medical School, interned at Sinai Hospital, completed his residency at Washington University and an allergy fellowship at Baylor. He ran a solo practice in Silver Spring, Maryland for 40 years, treating three generations of patients. Read more.