Joining together to fight for the practicing allergist

September 17, 2018

With so many new regulations and issues affecting the practicing allergist, our Advocacy Council and College leadership are fighting to make sure your voices are heard. Since strength comes in numbers, we also work alongside the AAAAI and other related medical societies on some issues.  

One of these issues has been an ongoing battle for a while now – the proposed new United States Pharmacopeia (USP) compounding rule. The proposed update would greatly restrict our ability for patients to affordably access allergy shots, not to mention place undue burden on allergists. Our Advocacy Council has been fighting for our specialty, traveling back and forth to meet with legislators, committees, USP and more. That’s why we started the Defend Affordable Shots (DASH) campaign – to help fund these expenses. We have also joined with the Academy to work together to make sure this issue is resolved once and for all – in a way that benefits everyone, especially allergists.

We have also jumped into the fray over the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service’s (CMS) Proposed 2019 Physician Fee Schedule. While the proposed changes will reduce paperwork (always a good thing), they would also negatively affect physician reimbursement. Our Advocacy Council is committed to this cause, and we have joined with the Academy and other medical specialties on this issue. We are making sure the voices of allergists are heard loud and clear. Since this issue is changing rapidly, we’ll keep you updated in College Insider and emails as new developments happen.

The College’s Advocacy Council is extremely strong – and we know that joining our partner societies makes our message even stronger. Our interests are similar and our relationships are better than ever – and it’s important because the last thing we want during a struggle is to be divided. We are coming together in a roar so loud that we can’t be ignored. 

Bradley E. Chipps, MD, FACAAI
ACAAI President