An invitation from the ACAAI House of Delegates: Join us at the 2015 Town Hall Meeting and HOD elections

September 14, 2015

Plans for the 2015 HOD Town Hall Meeting are well underway, with this year's meeting to include pertinent and timely information on the impact of the SGR repeal on allergy, HOD Officer and Super Delegate elections, and much more!

All ACAAI members are invited to attend, in addition to Member Societies and Society Delegates.

The 2015 ACAAI HOD Town Hall Meeting will be held Nov. 6 at 4 p.m., starting with Delegate sign-in and refreshments, with the meeting to immediately follow in room 001AB at the San Antonio Convention Center. Please refer to Agenda.

Late Breaking News! Susan Bailey, MD, FACAAI, Speaker of the AMA House of Delegates, has agreed to speak at the HOD Town Hall Meeting. She will be added to the final agenda.


Elections will be held at this year's Town Hall Meeting for Speaker, Vice Speaker, Secretary and seven newly expanded Super Delegate positions.

The ACAAI has reorganized the House of Delegates (HOD) into seven distinct regions with member societies constituting six geographic regions in the U.S, plus an International Region, with each having an elected Super Delegate serving a two year term. (This is in addition to each respective society having a Delegate in the HOD.) Super Delegates serve as liaisons between the HOD member societies and HOD leadership, and communicate important issues and concerns, as well as advocate for their regions.

The following slate of nominees was selected by the HOD Nominating Committee, following a nationwide search for candidates this summer.

2015-16 HOD Nominees for Election:

Speaker: Maeve O'Connor, MD, FACAAI 
Vice Speaker: Travis Miller, MD, FACAAI 
Secretary: Curtis Hedberg, MD, FACAAI

Super Delegates, by Region for 2015-17
Great Lakes: Ridhu Burton MD, FACAAI (Michigan) 
Mid-Atlantic: Andrej Petrov MD (Pennsylvania) 
Mountain West: Lyndon Mansfield MD, FACAAI (Texas) 
New England: Christopher Randolph MD, FACAAI (Connecticut) 
Southeast: Suzanne Kircher MD, FACAAI (Alabama) 
West Coast: Vincent Tubiolo MD, FACAAI (California) 
International: Anne Ellis MD, FACAAI (Ontario, Canada)