Help spread the word about early peanut introduction

May 7, 2018

You know giving peanut products to infants can help reduce the risk of peanut allergies – but do your non-allergist colleagues know? How about your patients who are pregnant or who have infants?

The College has joined with the National Peanut Board and the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connection Team to create a campaign focused on early introduction of peanut products to prevent peanut allergy. The campaign features actor, director and entrepreneur Justin Baldoni, star of Jane the Virgin, in a new video series documenting Baldoni’s experience introducing peanut foods to his young son, Maxwell. Each video shows a different part of the story of the Baldoni family following the new peanut introduction guidelines and aims to empower new parents. The video series is part of a new website,, designed to help parents take the first step to prevent their child from developing a peanut allergy.

A recent Annals study revealed that although many new parents are aware of the guidelines, they are nervous about introducing peanut products to their infants. Another Annals study showed that pediatricians aren’t discussing the guidelines with new moms. The campaign launched at the end of April and has received a lot of media attention. The website is a great resource for your colleagues and patients who may be interested in discussing early peanut introduction.