Connect with other allergists to prevent burnout

November 6, 2017

According to a recent article in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, more than half of U.S. physicians are now experiencing professional burnout. Of the U.S. physicians surveyed, 54% reported at least one symptom of burnout in 2014, compared with 46% in 2011.

Allergists are no exception to this trend, but sharing how you fight burnout is one of the steps you can take to improve your well-being. Connecting with other allergists helps you convey experiences and overcome obstacles that contribute to allergist burnout. Join the College’s Physician Well-being Facebook group – created for members to express perspectives about impediments to allergist well-being. The group also provides suggestions to cope with or prevent burnout. The College Physician Well-being Facebook group is only open to College allergists - not the public – so your conversations will remain among other allergists. Take a positive step toward your well-being – join the Physician Well-being Facebook group today!