College symposium with an international flair

May 6, 2019

The ACAAI sponsored a sister society symposium titled “Anaphylaxis and Allergy Emergencies in the Real World” during the World Allergy Organization (WAO) WISC 2019 Congress in Beirut, Lebanon, in April. Jointly sponsored by the Lebanese Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology and the WAO, this congress highlighted novel approaches to the worldwide allergy epidemic. The College was represented by Dana Wallace, MD, FACAAI, Anne-Marie Irani, MD, FACAAI and Bryan Martin, DO, FACAAI. Moderators Marilyn Karam, MD (from Lebanon) and Sami Bahna, MD, FACAAI began the session by briefing the attendees about the College and the advantages of joining free as International Affiliate Members.   

The WISC 2019 was a huge success with over 700 registrants and 70 speakers representing 46 countries. For many College speakers and members attending, it was also a reunion with family and friends, as many prestigious U.S. allergists trace their roots and medical school years to Beirut. Lebanon is a beautiful country with a rich history, a welcoming and proud people, delicious food and many interesting attractions for tourists. Those who attended left Lebanon enriched by the excellent academic presentations and cultural experiences.

Bryan Martin, DO, FACAAI; Marilyn Karam, MD; Dana Wallace, MD, FACAAI; Anne-Marie Irani, MD, FACAAI; and Sami Bahna, MD, FACAAI, attend the 2019 World Allergy Organization WISC Congress.