A case of the Mondays? Not at the ACAAI Annual Scientific Meeting!

September 8, 2015

We’ve all trudged, bleary-eyed and a little sleepy, into an early Monday meeting. Not at the 2015 ACAAI Annual Scientific Meeting, because we’ve put together a program worth getting to – and one that will have you forgetting it's Monday.

Check out what we have lined up: 

  • Food Allergy: Component Test, CoFAR Studies, Practical Considerations – Discuss the results of the LEAP and CoFar studies, find out about treatment options and how to monitor the burden food allergies can place on families.
  • Updates in Severe Asthma – Utilize biomarkers to categorize the endotype of a severe asthma patient, and design a management plan that is tailored to a particular patient. Bradley E. Chipps, MD, FACAAI, will present the John P. McGovern Lecture on “Developing Personalized Treatment for Severe Asthma”.
  • Update on Anaphylaxis – Review diagnostic criteria for mastocytosis and mast cell activation disorders and how to work with emergency physicians to increase referrals for allergy evaluations.
  • A variety of Meet the Professor breakfasts:
    • Biofilms – Review the basic structure of muscosal biofilm, as well as the treatment to eradicate established biofilm in patients with refractory chronic rhinosinusitis.
    • Controversies in the Wheezing Pre-Schooler: New Studies – Discuss the approaches to the treatment of young children with recurrent wheeze and determine the events that predict persistent airway hyperactivity and symptoms.
    • Evaluation of Immunodeficiency – Walk away being able to better recognize, evaluate and formulate a treatment plan for patients diagnosed with an immune deficiency.
    • Food Allergy: Controversies in Diagnosis – Identify the advantages and disadvantages of current diagnostic testing modalities.
    • High EoS and/or High IgEs: How Do You Evaluate? – See how to systematically work up patients with elevated blood eosinophils and/or IgE.
    • Infectious Agents and Asthma Inception: Target for Prevention – Find out about how early life infections can lead to asthma later on, plus prevention strategies.
    • The Science of the Asthma Action Plan and How to Fulfill Meaningful Use – How to write an asthma action plan using the yellow zone practice parameter.
    • Office Evaluations of Drug Allergy – Review diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to common drug allergies.
    • Practical Aspects of Sublingual Immunotherapy: Dose/Duration/Specific Allergens/Geographic Niches/Efficacy and Safety – Discuss the practice aspects of selection of patients who would benefit from SLIT.
    • Suspected Reactions to Implanted Medical Devices (Utility of Lab Test) – Explore the challenges of diagnosing and managing patients with allergies to medical implants and devices.
  • A wide selection of workshops:
    • Alcohol and Additive Allergies – Review the different reactions to alcoholic beverages and sharpen your diagnostic skills.
    • Enhancing the Survival of Allergists: Facing Current Challenges Including Changing Markets and ACO – Learn about ongoing funding formulas for healthcare and the need for integration and participation from other providers and health care systems to deliver coordinated care.
    • Immunotherapy in 2015: The Nuts and Bolts of SCIT and SLIT – Discover the difference in therapeutic extracts and prescribing practices.
    • Fat Lips and Swollen Throats: What Are the Facts? – Dig into the evaluation and emerging therapies for angioedema.
    • Penicillin (Beta-lactam) Toolkit – Find out how you can customize and use the new beta-lactam allergy toolkit.
    • Systemic Effects of Inhaled, Intranasal and Topical Corticosteroids – Discuss the adverse effects of steroids on children.
    • Unanswerable Questions: Conundrums in Anaphylaxis – Explore the causes of anaphylaxis, next steps in diagnosis, and what to do when your patient keeps experiencing anaphylaxis despite your best advice.
    • Navigating the Vapors – Discuss the toxicity and effects of e-cigarettes, and get an update on the Colorado experience of medical and recreational marijuana.‚Äč

Register for the Annual Scientific Meeting today – we’ll see you in San Antonio!