Become a food allergy guru

January 21, 2019

Whether you want to be a food allergy expert, genius, maestro or champion, the College has you covered. Plan to get everything you need – the latest in research, prevention and treatments – during our International Food Allergy Symposium, Nov 7 – this year’s Thursday program at the Annual Scientific Meeting. It’s an all-day immersive session that will take your patient care to the next level.

We haven’t ever had a Food Allergy Symposium quite like this. “The 2019 International Food Allergy Symposium will feature a never-before-seen lineup of thought leaders from across the globe,” explained David Stukus, MD, FACAAI, chair of the Annual Meeting Program Committee. “Six international and 12 national experts will discuss cutting-edge aspects of food allergy diagnosis, management and research. There's something for everyone as this day-long symposium will cover topics relevant to trainees, practicing allergists, allied health professionals and researchers alike. Attendees will want to stay for the happy hour, which will feature three pro/con debates that pit experts against one another, all for the education and enjoyment of the audience.”

Just take a look at the schedule we’ve planned for the day:

  • Prevention, topics include: 
    • Harmonization, Differences in Guidelines, Unmet Needs and Implementation Barriers, presented by Jonathan Hourihane, MD
    • The Microbiome and Exposome - A Saucerful of Secrets? presented by Susan Prescott, MD, PhD
    • The Role of Diet Diversity and Other Factors Beyond Early Introduction in Promoting Prevention, presented by Carina Venter, PhD, RD
  • Assessing Prevalence, topics include:
    • Rectifying Direct and Indirect Methods of Assessing Prevalence - Where We Are, Why Do Rates Differ and the Importance of Population Level Studies, presented by Jennifer Koplin, PhD
    • Birth and Infant Cohorts: Why These are Needed - The International Perspective, presented by Syed Hasan Arshad, MBBS, DM, FRCP
    • Food Allergy in Africa: The SAFAR Cohort, presented by Michael Levin, MBChB, FCPaed, MMed, PhD, FACAAI
  • From the Horse’s Mouth - The FDA Perspective on Treatment and Unmet Needs (luncheon), including:
    • An Update on Thresholds and Labeling presented by Steffano Lucoli, MD
  • Treatment, topics include:
    • Treatment Updates - What Are Our Present Options, presented by Edwin Kim, MD, MS, FACAAI
    • New Horizons - Anticipating the Next Evolution in Treatment, presented by Rima Rachid, MD
    • Shared Decision-making and Understanding Parental Preference in Choice of Food Allergy Treatment, presented by Matthew Greenhawt, MD, MBA, MSc, FACAAI
  • Bigger Success Begets Bigger Problems: Issues on the Horizon, topics include: 
    • Cost-effective Practices in Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis, presented by Marcus Shaker, MD
    • Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Something Old, Something New - Making Sense of Older Versus Newer Diagnostic/Lab Technologies for Treatment Monitoring, presented by Wayne Shreffler, MD, PhD
    • Social Media, Advocacy and the Rise of Myths and Alternative Facts in Food Allergy, presented by David Stukus, MD, FACAAI
  • The Texas Pro/Con Thunderdome
    • Two allergists enter, one allergist leaves.
    • Three back-to-back pro/con debates featuring top allergy experts.
    • Topics include:
      • We Need Further Development of FDA-approved OIT Approaches, with Robert Wood, MD, and Richard Wasserman, MD, PhD, FACAAI
      • EPIT Versus OIT for Treating Peanut Allergy, with David Fleischer, MD, FACAAI, and Brian Vickery, MD
      • OFC’s are Necessary for Starting Food Allergy Treatment, with Katherine Anagnostou, MD, MSc, PhD, FACAAI, and Douglas Mack, MSc, MD, FRCPC

Make plans now to attend. Registration opens in August. You’re not going to want to miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity at our Annual Meeting!