Annual Meeting 2017 needs YOU!

December 27, 2016

We are in the midst of the holiday season, only six weeks have passed since the Annual Scientific Meeting in San Francisco, and we have plenty of time to relax before preparing for next year’s meeting in Boston – right?

WRONG!! The deadline for electronic submissions for the 2017 Annual Meeting is Jan. 20, less than a month away. We need your input now for programming that fits the following theme:

“Precision Medicine in Allergy Practice: A Rich History. A Strong Future.”

When the College launched its Vision 2020 initiative in 2014, one of our fundamental priorities was to re-structure our educational offerings. This involved forming the Education Council to “oversee the implementation of the College’s education strategy and curriculum,” including the Annual Meeting. An important shift in process has been the use of an electronic submission system to generate ideas for programming. Our 2016 Annual Meeting was the first to use this technology, and I will tell you first-hand that the ideas generated were an enormous upgrade compared with what a single committee could generate on its own. This “grass roots” input is a critical step in the long and tedious process of planning the Annual Meeting. It helped make the San Francisco meeting a huge success while also producing outstanding On Demand educational material for College members online at the College Learning Connection.

The Annual Meeting Program Committee (AMPC) is responsible for planning, implementing, and evaluating the Annual Meeting. The final program is determined by consensus of the AMPC. Chaired by Bradley Chipps, MD, FACAAI, the 2017 AMPC is already hard at work evaluating the 2016 meeting while preparing to process electronically submitted ideas for 2017. The composition of the AMPC includes the “Track Chairs” from the following Track Subcommittees:

What does the College do with my program ideas?

After the submission site closes on Jan. 20, individual submissions are distributed to the appropriate subcommittee for detailed vetting based on a variety of criteria. Once forwarded to the AMPC, each submission is reassessed, discussed, and prioritized in context of the Annual Meeting theme. There will be many more submissions than potential slots in the program. This is a healthy and vital part of the process, so please understand that each and every submission has an influence on the AMPC’s priorities. In addition, most successful submissions are re-worked to some degree in order to best fit the meeting theme and to ensure program continuity.

Ok, I’m interested. How do I submit my idea?

Submitting a session idea is easy. Just click on the button below:

Submit Now

The College remains exclusively committed to addressing the needs of allergists in practice and their patients. In order to ensure that our Annual Meeting content directly reflects input from its 6,000 members we need your help. Submit today!

Stephen A. Tilles, MD, FACAAI
ACAAI President