Here are some things to consider when deciding whether to participate as an individual or a group:

  • Individuals can report quality measures via claims (although not recommended); groups cannot.
  • Everyone in a group must report on the same measures and activities, so this may not work for multi-specialty groups.
  • If you decide to report as a group, you must do so for all MIPS categories.
  • If you report as a group, if one clinician in your group performs an IA for 90 consecutive days, the entire group will get credit.
  • If some clinicians in your group are exempt from MIPS reporting, yet you decide to report as a group, those clinicians’ results will be included in the group’s scores, even though the exempt clinicians are ineligible from receiving a positive MIPS adjustment.
  • Unlike prior years, you do not need to register with CMS if you choose to report as a group via QCDR, Registry or EHR.
  • If you want to report as a group using the CMS Web Interface (groups of 25 providers or more) or CAHPS for MIPS survey, you must register with CMS by June 30, 2017. The CMS Web Interface reporting option is not recommended for allergists as the measures are PCP-focused.
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