A Word from the President

Helping patients (and yourself) this holiday season


December 17, 2018

Believe it or not, the holidays are here already! While many of you are no doubt looking forward to time out of the office to relax, the holidays can be a challenging time for our patients and us.

From lurking food allergens at the dinner table to festive decorations, it can be difficult for our patients to enjoy this time if they are sneezing and wheezing (or worse). Here are some last-minute holiday tips to share on social media, in patient newsletters, your website or in-person:

Shaping professional development to work for you


July 16, 2018

This spring, the College’s thought-leaders in education gathered in Chicago for the second Education Summit. On the agenda was a review of our current professional development offerings, and a goal to develop a three-year blueprint to guide the College’s future education activities.

Background for the work during the summit included what we heard from College members about their needs and wants and collected from evaluations, surveys and more. We looked at not only your feedback, but also gaps in our existing programs to make sure that our professional development offerings are shaped just for you. 

Food allergy: fact versus fiction


April 16, 2018

Food allergy has always been a hot topic for both allergists and patients. It’s a highly life-altering allergy to live with, so naturally patients have a lot of concerns and questions. There are several new treatment modalities coming into play, so allergists have a lot of questions as well. It’s also a topic that gets a lot of attention in the press, who cover everything from allergy bans to reactions due to kissing. As a result, there are a lot of ‘myths’ and misinformation floating around in the cultural consciousness.