A Word from the President

New frontiers at this year’s annual meeting


April 15, 2019

You are not going to want to miss this year’s ACAAI Annual Scientific Meeting, New Frontiers - Advocating for Patients, Practices and Research, Nov. 7-11 in Houston. This one-of-a kind opportunity for professional development is going to be out of this world.

One of our Vision 2020 initiatives has been to reimagine and enhance the annual meeting. As you know, last year we created a new College meeting experience with expert roundtables, clinical conundrums, interdisciplinary panels and practice application seminars. These new session types were so well received that we will be offering them again this year.

Collaborating with like-minded organizations creates a stronger voice.


March 18, 2019

We are a small specialty with a big voice, especially when we join with like-minded organizations to express our views on issues of importance and work on projects that benefit from joint efforts. The College collaborates with AAAAI, American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), American Thoracic Society (ATS), CHEST and others on a variety of advocacy and member initiatives. 

Our collaboration with the AAAAI is strong. We want to be sure we are working together on projects of joint interest, such as our new Joint Task Force on Telemedicine, the long-standing Joint Task Force on Practice Parameters, the joint annual Program Directors Assembly Winter Meeting and biennial Joint Board Review Course. These are all very successful programs. 

Disrupters are trying to upset the apple cart


February 18, 2019

You’re already acutely aware of how incredibly complex the health care landscape has become – and more change is on the way to continue shaking things up. Health care disrupters – including nontraditional partnerships, new direct-to-consumer companies and even public outcry – aim to change the traditional health care status quo. Basically, this is the health care version of what Lyft and Uber did to taxis. The genesis of this change isn’t totally off-base. Traditional health care can be slow to deliver new innovations and treatments, and until the last few years, has remained relatively stagnant, at least in terms of delivery methods.

Helping patients (and yourself) this holiday season


December 17, 2018

Believe it or not, the holidays are here already! While many of you are no doubt looking forward to time out of the office to relax, the holidays can be a challenging time for our patients and us.

From lurking food allergens at the dinner table to festive decorations, it can be difficult for our patients to enjoy this time if they are sneezing and wheezing (or worse). Here are some last-minute holiday tips to share on social media, in patient newsletters, your website or in-person:

Shaping professional development to work for you


July 16, 2018

This spring, the College’s thought-leaders in education gathered in Chicago for the second Education Summit. On the agenda was a review of our current professional development offerings, and a goal to develop a three-year blueprint to guide the College’s future education activities.

Background for the work during the summit included what we heard from College members about their needs and wants and collected from evaluations, surveys and more. We looked at not only your feedback, but also gaps in our existing programs to make sure that our professional development offerings are shaped just for you.