How does your compensation compare with other allergists?

January 4, 2022

How does your compensation compare with other allergists?

The College is thrilled to partner with the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) to collect allergy-specific compensation and production data for the sixth consecutive year! Complete our 2022 survey and find out how your compensation compared to other allergists during 2021 amid COVID-19. The survey has been extended through Feb. 25. You do not need to be a member of MGMA to participate.

Want more reasons to participate?

  • You’ll get free access to the results, with breakouts for academic and non-academic allergists! Find out how other allergists are compensated and get valuable allergy RVU data. The more data you provide, the more data you’ll have access to!
  • It’s the most accurate allergy compensation data available! Last year a record 608 allergists participated.
  • It’s confidential! All data is completely confidential; only a handful of MGMA data analysts will see it. No College staff or members have access. In addition, all reported data must meet minimum threshold requirements, so your practice’s data will never be the sole benchmark.
  • It’s easy and shorter than ever! Answers to your survey questions are only a phone call away. MGMA provides one-on-one help – just call 877-275-6462, ext. 1895, or email

Before you start

  • Ask your practice manager to complete the survey. Survey responses must be based on actual data, not estimates.
  • To prevent duplicate data being submitted, please have one person submit survey data on behalf of your entire practice or organization – not just one provider.
  • Review the survey questions before you start so you can gather the information you need in advance.
    • Important: you only need to complete the required questions (those with an asterisk *).
    • The survey includes an OPTIONAL tab to collect staff compensation data. You can skip that tab if you like (even though it looks like it’s required.) Or, if you want free access to national staff compensation data, you can complete that portion of the survey.
    • The survey lists RVU data as required. However, if you don’t capture RVU data, MGMA will make an exception. You can still complete the survey without RVU data! Another option, if you have access to your CPT coding data, is to upload the data and MGMA will calculate your RVUs for you (that could be helpful data for many practices!) If you do upload your CPT data, you will also get access to MGMA’s Procedural Profile (coding) datasets that are released in the fall.

Steps for survey completion

  1. Click on our survey link to access an abbreviated version of the survey. Create an account or login as prompted.
  2. Verify your name and email address if asked and click “Continue.”
  3. Read the survey participation agreement and agree to the terms.
  4. If you have participated in an MGMA survey in the past, select “Prefill data” in Step 1 to pre-fill your information. If not, select “Blank survey.”
  5. Select the Compensation and Production survey. Again, you only need to complete the required questions (denoted with an asterisk *)! Please enter data for each physician, NP and PA in your practice. (Remember, you aren’t required to complete the staff information tab or RVU data).
  6. You’re done!

Need more information?

Need one-on-one help?
MGMA data experts are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm CT.
Call 877-275-6462, ext. 1895 toll-free or email

For other questions, contact Jennifer Pfeifer, ACAAI Director of Practice Management, at or 847-725-2280.


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