E-parameters make learning easy

May 30, 2017

E-parameters make learning easy

Practice parameters are one of the most valuable ways the College contributes to the practice of allergy, providing the latest and best available scientific evidence and clinical consensus.

In recognition of the importance of these documents, and to increase adoption of the practices they describe, the College has launched two new e-parameters on Anaphylaxis and Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases (PIDD), that are free to members. The e-parameters were developed with the assistance of the Clinical Programs/Patient Safety & Quality Committee, led by Mervat Nassef, MD, FACAAI.

“Due to their length, reading and applying practice parameters can be a daunting task,” said Dr. Nassef. “The e-parameters are interactive, web-based versions of the full practice parameters. They give users a broad view of the parameters and quickly drill down to the specific areas the user is most interested in learning.”

The Anaphylaxis E-parameter includes anaphylactic triggers, evaluation of symptoms, management and office preparation for anaphylaxis and other considerations. According to Dana Wallace, MD, FACAAI, chair of the ACAAI Education Council, “the Office Management section provides an excellent protocol—text, tables, and charts—for preparing your office and staff for that unexpected anaphylactic emergency.” She suggests using the e-parameter as ‘homework’ before your next office mock anaphylaxis drill.

“There is practical, day-to-day advice on best practices for how to manage patients at risk for anaphylaxis,” said Anne Ellis, MD, FACAAI, chair of the Anaphylaxis Committee. “Even more importantly, learn how to ready your own practice for the management of in-office anaphylaxis following immunotherapy injections or food allergy challenges.”

The PIDD E-parameter was recently released and contains the most current recommendations for the evaluation, treatment and management of the most common primary immunodeficiency diseases.

“The e-parameters are a highly effective resource for College members,” said Dr. Ellis. “The modules are easy to follow and complete, and I think we can all find some great learning pearls here!”

They are designed to be used in your practice. Whether you use them as a staff training resource or point of care tool, you will find them to be an efficient and effective way to find the information you need. Take a few moments to check them out – both are provided as a free benefit for College members.

“I think each of these modules is a great tool that helps to organize the parameters into an easy-to-use format,” said Dr. Nassef. “This should facilitate implementation of practice parameters into clinical practice by physicians worldwide.”

Stop by the College Learning Connection and have a look at these new free member benefits, the Anaphylaxis and Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases (PIDD) E-parameters.