The College is committed to helping practicing allergists succeed so that patients can receive premium care. The following initiatives were developed to support this mission.

Find an Allergist

The College developed the Find an Allergist tool to help asthma and allergy patients connect with member allergists in their area. This tool promotes the specialty, increases member practice traffic and helps patients find relief. In 2016, more than 175,000 patients found local member allergists with the Find an Allergist tool.

Use the Find an Allergist Tool

Nationwide Asthma Screening Program

Each year, the College conducts more than 100 free asthma screenings across the country. Since 1996, the program has screened more than 145,000 adults and children and helped to educate the public on the importance of seeing an allergist.

Learn more about Asthma Screenings

Anaphylaxis Community Experts Program

Last year, more than 1,500 people in the United States lost their lives to anaphylaxis, a rare, sudden and serious allergic reaction. Many of these deaths could have been prevented with greater public awareness about anaphylaxis symptoms and emergency treatment. To address this need, the Allergy & Asthma Network and the College partnered to develop and launch the Anaphylaxis Community Experts educational program — supported by Mylan — in hundreds of communities throughout the country.

Become an Anaphylaxis Community Expert

Vision 2020

ACAAI is dedicated to our members and to your professional vision. Our goal is to ensure that you see yourself as a valued member of the allergist community, navigating the challenging health care landscape with our support.

With those ideals in mind, ACAAI is engaged in Vision 2020, our strategic initiative to continue to enhance the College’s position as the premiere organization for practicing allergists.