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Will payments for any of your procedures be reduced?
We let CMS know that we aren’t on board with the Proposed Physician Payment Schedule for 2019.
We signed on to a letter expressing concerns about CMS’ proposed changes to reimbursement.
The Advocacy Council is excited to bring you new (and returning favorite) sessions at this year’s Annual Scientific Meeting! 
Stuck on a specific coding issue? Our new expert coder, with help from Gary Gross, MD, FACAAI, is here to help!
What do the proposed changes mean for allergists?
E&M levels are vanishing, and CMS is proposing a new, two-level process for coding and associated payments. 
With new apps appearing almost daily, what is the FDA’s role in approving and regulating this technology?
With new health care management apps appearing almost daily, the AMA wants to help guide app development.