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Last chance to review your physician compare info before it goes live.
Skin prick testing reimbursement drops 21%.
What happens now after President Trump announced his administration will no longer make payments?
Testing patients for penicillin allergy just got a little easier!
CMS is broadening the program. Expect physician audits to increase.
CMS works to improve Probe and Educate program, making it more targeted and less burdensome.
Do you know the difference between a RAC, a SMRCs and a ZPIC? If not, you are not alone!
Remember the 2018 Physician Fee Schedule? We just submitted our comments, on your behalf, to CMS.
How can you plan, and what do you need to do to get paid by Medicare?
You’re not alone.  A recent survey found 35% of respondents are undecided. It’s not too late, and we have resources to help.