CMS finds frequent errors in Medicare Advantage plans’ provider directories

Do you participate in one or more Medicare Advantage (MA) plans?  If so, we suggest you check your plan’s provider directory to make sure your listing is correct. Kaiser Health News recently reported provider directories for MA plans have plenty of errors.

Last fall CMS reviewed online provider directories for 54 MA plans and found mistakes in almost half of the 5,832 physicians listed. Errors were most common for providers with multiple offices that did not serve MA patients at each location. Other errors included listing retired physicians as well as incorrect phone numbers and addresses.

Beginning this year, MA plans are required to contact providers every three months to update directories in “real time.”

More than 17 million Americans – nearly a third of Medicare beneficiaries – are enrolled in MA plans.  If you find an error in your plan’s directory, contact them immediately to have it corrected.

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